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TAAOL is specialized in selling used Laptops in Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi. With our past contracts Frames with retail, key accounts and importers of Taaol, you will get the benefit of the best rates. Our goal is to make you enjoy the best prices on the market for Used Laptops in Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi, with an impeccable quality of services and to satisfy you. Once all the documents have been verified, we validate the product, which allows us to guarantee the material over an established period of three months.

We offer extended warranties. Payment is by credit card, check, bank transfer.

Specialist portable computers used, we offer the products tested, cleaned and guaranteed 12 months. We pay special attention to provide a computer in perfect working order ready.

For over 3 years we sell quality used equipment that have been reprocessed professionally by us. We specialize in business notebooks of quality manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell and HP and Apple Mac Book’s. On the equipment we sell, we have a high quality standard: all leaves our warehouse, does so in the best possible quality. Therefore, we give 12 months warranty on all used Laptops in uae.

You will receive your order within 48 hours.

Used Laptops for Sale indubai UAE abu Dhabi

Our used Laptops are all tested and come from the business sector. The devices are lease returns and high quality. Each unit is always a Windows 7 license this (with Key).
Please pay attention to the indicated size of the device! Availability is limited, so please check the stock by our contact us page or Call us in UAE.
Used Laptops prices in Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi – Used laptops at low prices.

We carry used laptops in certified and guaranteed quality. The used notebooks from leading manufacturers such as Toshiba, IBM, DELL, Compaq, HP and Fujitsu-Siemens.
Our used notebooks have our service department at any time be repaired and upgraded. Used laptops are our daily business and we can advise you professionally and competently, so as to find the perfect, used laptop for you.
To make your purchase in our online shop as simple as possible, can be found on the left side some sorting options available.

Used laptops from Dell

Used notebooks from Fujitsu Siemens

Used laptops from HP / Compaq

Used laptops from Lenovo

Your competent partner for high quality used laptops of many brands! You want a cheap laptop to buy, maybe a hand with warranty and wondering – Where can I find a Laptop cheap in Dubai UAE – so where do you find a laptop cheap in UAE Abu Dhabi

Used laptops at low prices

We have more than 50,000 used laptops, used computers and used monitors in stock.

You are looking for a high-quality notebook, but do not want to spend much money. Or do you need a PC for office work, then you should decide on a used unit. Used computers are much cheaper and more reliable than the today’s new.

Therefore Opt for a used Laptops, which we can offer them at a fraction of the price. All of our products such as notebook (used) or TFT monitors are thoroughly tested before buying by us and serviced by professionals. Before shipping any monitor or any used printer is checked in the Taaol again.

We can offer excellent quality at a low price.Opt but the next purchase for a used Laptops because of the loss of value in new product is extremely higher than that used computerized.
We attach great importance to the fact that you used computer can buy cheap, used servers, monitors, laptops and used computers we sell to you, are delivered with a one year warranty to you. For us it will be understood by itself.

Used Laptops in Dubai for Sale

After a Long discussion first of all we have to understand why buy used laptops?

Many people do not buy stuff used, for fear that their products have been defective or damaged, or destroyed soon. It is assumed that if you want to sell, you just may be because the machine is broken, but this is absolutely not so. The fact that someone wants to become the second-hand assets, it may be several other reasons as well. To name just a few:

Someone is accepted because you need money quickly, and came out with a new version and it is important to always use the latest products. Someone is because having bought the product only then realized that it was not what she wanted. The latter is a good example of one of my friends who was given a two-month tablet-jet because it was only afterwards that touch a lot of things quite tricky to solve.

A great thing about the tablet, but it is not what he needs.
Maybe you’re one of those who would rather buy a new one because the Commissioner is still new, and I’m sure it works and if not then there is no guarantee…
But wait!

What benefits can you buy a used laptop?

The most obvious is the price. In general, the less expensive stuff used to the new ones, unless the seller is not quite brazen enough to ask for more in-store price. But we guarantee you can get him cheaper.
Many people do not buy goods used because they are afraid that the seller may “forget” to communicate any beauty flaws in the product  with the web shop find an exact description you will find if there is failure of the product is also described, not only the beauty of your good qualities.

It does not make sense to you then season with salt makes a damn thing you’ll be grumpy and never come back to us, and even tell your buddies too, in that he did not want to buy anything.

The quality of products is no better proof than the product warranty. Because, successfully tested dual-core, I3, I5, I7 and equivalent AMD laptop for 12 months, while the single-core, ie, P3-P4 or AMD equivalent with laptops provided six months.

We also live in a facility, if the product fails within 72 hours, we will replace. Laws have 14 days, according to a right of withdrawal, but here it is 30 days. It just means that within 30 days of receipt, if you send back the laptop we give your money back.
Otherwise, there are missing or damaged machines, but those special rules apply.

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